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14 Days Free Returns

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12-Month Warranty
12-Month Warranty

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The Best Apple Watch Deals in New Zealand

The Apple Watch is a popular smartwatch that has taken the world by storm. The Apple Watch has a range of features designed to make your life easier and more convenient. Reebelo offers a wide range of new and refurbished Apple Watches at the best prices, with a 12 month warranty and 14 days of free returns with every purchase!

Are Apple Watches worth it?

Deciding if an Apple Watch is the right fit for you may involve some consideration. To make the process easier, here are some reasons why an Apple Watch is an excellent addition to your tech collection:

  • Health and fitness tracking: The Apple Watch has sensors and features that track your fitness activities and health metrics, such as your heart rate, steps taken, and workouts.
  • Convenience: The Apple Watch allows you to receive notifications, make phone calls, and use certain apps without taking out your iPhone.
  • Quick access to information: The Apple Watch provides fast and convenient access to important information, such as the time, weather, and your next appointment.
  • Customisation: The Apple Watch has a wide range of customisable watch faces and bands, allowing you to personalise the look of your device to suit your style.
  • Apple Pay: The Apple Watch allows you to make payments using Apple Pay, making it easy and convenient to pay for purchases without taking out your wallet.
  • Increased productivity: The Apple Watch allows you to respond quickly to messages, answer calls, and manage tasks, helping you to be more productive throughout the day.
  • Refurbished options: As the Apple Watch has been around for a while, you can find great second-hand Apple Watches that are expertly refurbished at a reduced price.

Overall, owning an Apple Watch provides a convenient and integrated way to manage your health, stay connected, and access important information.

Which Apple Watch is best to buy?

Choosing the right Apple Watch can be a daunting task, but don't worry - Reebelo is here to help! We work with trusted vendors to bring you the best deals, so you can find one that fits your budget and lifestyle. To make your decision easier, consider these top recommendations based on your needs and preferences:

  • Apple Watch Series 6: If you want the latest technology and features, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the best option, with a blood oxygen sensor, ECG, and always-on display.
  • Apple Watch SE: The Apple Watch SE is a terrific alternative if you're searching for a more affordable model because it has many of the same capabilities as the Series 6 but is less expensive.
  • Apple Watch Nike Series 6 / SE: The Apple Watch Nike Series 6 or SE is a great option for fitness enthusiasts, with exclusive Nike watch faces and a dedicated workout app.

Can I use Apple Watch without an iPhone?

The Apple Watch is designed to be used with an iPhone, and some features, such as cellular connectivity and phone calls, require an iPhone. However, you can still use many valuable features on the Apple Watch without an iPhone, such as tracking your fitness activities, using Apple Pay, and using certain apps that don't require an internet connection. So while it is not ideal to use an Apple Watch without an iPhone, it is still possible to use many of its features.

Can I pair my Apple Watch with an Android smartphone?

No, the Apple Watch is not compatible with Android smartphones. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone with iOS 14.3 or later to set up and use. The iPhone and Apple Watch provide features such as call and message notifications, fitness tracking, and more. The Apple Watch cannot be paired with an Android smartphone.

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