The Guide To Saving Money When Buying an iPhone in New Zealand

refurbished iPhone Jul 1st 2022


Kia Ora! If you’ve been considering an iPhone upgrade or replacement, then you’ve landed on the right page. As you might already know, upgrading isn’t cheap, eh? 

In an era of escalating costs, global economic meltdowns and diminishing purchasing power, we’re stoked to share how you can upgrade or replace your phone with Reebelo’s assortment of iPhones safely and seamlessly - whilst getting a great deal and saving considerable amounts of money!

Are iPhones Getting More Expensive? 

Let us begin by facing the facts.

Ever since the first iPhone was introduced by Apple in 2007, the prices have consistently been increasing not just in New Zealand, but worldwide. Apple’s target audience simply does not include budget-conscious folks because there will always be a group of elite Apple consumers that are non-sensitive and immune to any price change. 

Bear in mind that the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro costs about NZ$1,899, while the higher-end model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB, comes in at a whopping price of around NZ$2,699. These sky-high prices might just have you kissing your iPhone dreams adieu. 

But wait, no worries just yet! 

You might not be chuffed to acknowledge that iPhones are powerful devices with a tonne of benefits that Android phones do not provide, like reduced bloatware. Moreover, if you have a MacBook, having an accompanying iPhone complements it perfectly, especially as you can take calls with your MacBook thanks to the MacOS continuity feature.

Even if you do not require a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a 120-degree field of view for wide-ranging photography sessions, you may want to consider an older iPhone model simply because they have easy-to-use interfaces.

Consider getting a refurbished iPhone from Reebelo, APAC’s most trusted second hand and refurbished devices marketplace in New Zealand.

Where Can I Buy A Refurbished Phone?

No longer keen on keeping up with yearly trends and buying the latest iPhone year on year? 

The good news is that there are many alternatives available now. These days, more consumers are switching from brand new phones to secondhand models in an effort to be more cost and environmentally conscious. 

If you’re not into photography, it’s likely that you use your device for the basics: messaging, social media, and streaming apps. 

In light of this reality, why not get a refurbished iPhone from Reebelo with competitive prices up to 40% off? 

Are Secondhand Phones Reliable? 

Straight up, Reebelo works with a variety of reliable providers in New Zealand to bring you the most competitive prices in the market. 

When purchasing from Reebelo, you can be assured that your safety concerns have been met. We work with the appropriate New Zealand authorities to ensure that no device transacted on our website is a stolen one. 

Another concern you may have is the quality of the device. As many of Reebelo’s iPhones are refurbished or almost brand new, you don’t have to worry about getting a decent quality iPhone. 

Our proven track record of satisfied customers showcases the excellent and reliable quality of our products and services. 

Rebeelo employs a policy where all our devices go through 40+quality control checkpoints before they even reach our customers. On top of this, we also offer warranties that run up to 12 months, as well as a 14-day return policy and money-back guarantee so that you can shop with ease of mind. 

Double The Savings At Reebelo, While Stocks Last

Don’t procrastinate by leaving your existing iPhone to get covered in dust after upgrading. The longer you delay, the more money you stand to lose, as phones depreciate in value daily. 

Instead, if you are eyeing a particular iPhone from Reebelo’s iPhone collection, hurry up and trade your current phone at the same time to enjoy double savings!

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