"Is Reebelo Trustworthy?" The Reviews Are In.

Feb 12th 2024


Hello! We’re Reebelo, your global, trusted, legit, and all-things-certified marketplace for refurbished electronics.

We’re refreshing the way you consume tech. Making refurbished phones, laptops, and tablets a norm. Reducing the stigma, fear, and myths prevalent in the preloved tech market. Making sustainability our top priority. And bringing affordability into the mix.

We believe in our mission of making a positive impact on the world through refurbished and sustainable tech. We’re thrilled to bring you great deals on even greater devices. 

Our guiding principles? We believe in good value and good values. 

For us, recognizing the need for sustainability means nurturing an environment of support, trust, and fair chances. It means we empathize with our people and our customers before selling a single refurbished laptop or phone. If you ask our team, those are the good vibes we start our days with, and really they’re the ones that will put the circular economy on the map.  

We’re so excited to have you on this journey and hope you will help us turn our vision for refurbished goods into reality. 

For your planet & your pocket - we promise to care for both.

At Reebelo, Trust Is In The Details (and the reviews)

Reebelo has proven to be a disruptor in the global market. We don’t mind being the new kid on the block if it means bringing fresh ideas and solving problems for our customers. Our purpose and vision are bigger than any one entity. It’s the planet. It’s making refurbishment a norm and sustainability a choice of your lifestyle. 

We’re building a sustainable ecosystem with: 

Global Presence

We have our US headquarters in Silicon Valley and APAC headquarters in Singapore. Since 2019, we’ve expanded in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. And really, this is just the beginning. 

Where do we truly want to be? In your hearts and your devices 🙌

Complete Transparency

Transparency at Reebelo

At Reebelo, we don’t believe in keeping skeletons in our tech closets. You shop for 100% original, authentic, and functional devices that pass multiple quality checks. Or your money back. 

Guess it’s time to clear out the dusty old tech closet you haven’t opened in years…💀

Handpicked Partners

handpicked reebelo partners

We’re highlighting local sellers who have been in the business for years. Handpicking them and verifying their processes with 70+ quality checks to bring only the best - without the time and money commitment from you. They’re trusted veterans of the industry and they know their craft.  

Excellent Buyer Protection

excellent buyer protection at reebelo

We want you to be happy with your purchase. At Reebelo’s core is a buyer protection plan that provides a 12-month warranty, 30-day returns, and extended protection to ensure you keep loving your preloved device.

Customer Care

customer care at reebelo

Customer Care is a dedicated function at Reebelo. Our global presence means we’re able to tailor customer service for you. We have a comprehensive service portal with FAQs and self-help articles to get you going about your day. And whenever you need to get in touch, we’re really just a short note away.

Caring, Creative Customers

reebelo customers

You’re at the center of this economy. Simply buying and selling refurbished products wouldn’t serve the sustainability purpose without our caring, creative customers whose input and contribution is invaluable. It’s all about the trust you have placed in us. We appreciate your feedback and reviews. 

Thank You for Relying on Us for Your Tech! 

Well then, now that we've answered your question about Reeblo's trustworthiness, let’s get to work. We serve 500,000 customers globally and humbly sport an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. And like every great company, we will continue to strive to keep you happy. There’s a lot to be done. 

We have a curated selection of refurbished tech that will fuel your passions. Give us a try today! 

"This was my first experience buying a used or refurbished laptop. I was very pleased to see that the laptop was in fact in 'pristine' condition ... as advertised. I would definitely buy from Reebelo again as well as refer friends." - Shaun

"First time ordering from Reebelo and was a little worried what quality would be like. They did not disappoint. I ordered 2 iphone 12's and they came quickly and work great! I would refer all my family and friends to this website. Thank You for providing great quality phones"- Jana