How To Quality Check a Refurbished iPhone

Apr 25th 2023


You think long and hard before buying an iPhone. But you probably think longer and harder before you buy a refurbished iPhone. We get it. You’re spending money, time, and energy into upgrading your device - you want it to be worth it. And the misconceptions around the word ‘refurbished' don't make this choice any easier.

At Reebelo, we encourage you to put aside the stigma associated with preloved technology and give it a try. Once you do, you’ll see that there are several ways you can quality check a refurbished iPhone to ensure you’re purchasing a device that suits your needs.

From the exterior look and feel to the functionality of various internal parts – a certified refurbished iPhone should check all the boxes of quality assurance.

Checklist to Gauge the Quality of Your Refurbished iPhone

So, what  should you look for when buying a refurbished iPhone? Here are 5 tips that can help make your assessment of a preloved device accurate. 

Are the Speakers and Camera Working?

Most technical issues will be apparent as you start using the speakers and camera of the iPhone. These parts can have hidden water damage, and the health of a smartphone can be gauged by quickly assessing them for quality. For instance, the 4K Dolby Vision Cinematic Mode of the iPhone 14 Plus promises excellent picture quality at any hour of the day. Does your refurbished iPhone live up to this hype?

Similarly, how does the speaker quality compare to other phones you’ve had? Is audio entertainment a pleasant experience? Definitely some questions to ask as you begin using your refurbished iPhone and assigning it a rating. 

Is Battery Life as Promised?

Battery life is a critical element when you quality check a refurbished iPhone. You can simply go into Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health to ensure that the device has a functional and high performing battery. Remember, refurbished iPhones go through critical tests before they are put on the resale market. 

You don’t need to compromise on battery life when buying sustainable smartphones on Reebelo. Our certified refurbished devices guarantee at least 80% battery life as compared to  one that is brand new.

Are You Buying from a Trustworthy Seller? 

The source of your purchase has a huge impact on how well a refurbished iPhone works. We strongly recommend you spend some time researching the trustworthiness and credibility of the seller. Are they certified? Have they been ranked and rated on an independent website like Trustpilot? Do they offer buyer protection?

Finding a seller that checks these boxes is critical to ensure you’re getting the full worth of your money. For instance: Reebelo’s trustworthiness stems from 70+ quality assurances for every iPhone, a handpicked list of partners, and an expert customer support team always ready to help you. 

Pro Tip – When you browse Reebelo’s extensive marketplace for refurbished iPhones look out for the Trustpilot rating stars so you can shop with peace of mind.

Are You Protected with Warranty?

Does the used Apple iPhone come with a warranty? We recommend you buy refreshed iPhones only if they come with a specific warranty. The typical coverage period is usually 12 months; however, shoppers also have the option to buy into an extended warranty plan.

Pro tip – always check the perks you receive from your credit card company. Many of them now offer extended smartphone insurance provided you have a valid warranty at the time of purchase.

Are You Eligible for a Return?

Used and refurbished smartphones within North America alone are expected to comprise  27% of the total market share by 2024. Other prominent regions like APAC are expected to account for 49% of the total market growth.

More and more people can see the value in refurbished smartphones. But they don’t just trust the devices, they also trust verified distributors, like Reebelo, because of their returns and warranty policies.

Therefore, trusted and verified sellers of refurbished iPhones like Reebelo will always offer a return window. If they don’t, well that’s your red flag right there. Whether it’s a 14- or 30-day period (depending on region and market), we suggest you spend this time testing the quality of the product with the peace of mind that you can initiate return within this time frame.

Is Refurbished the Way to Go Then?

Refurbished is a great way to upgrade your current phone with the iPhone of your dreams without breaking the bank. There’s plenty of models and specifications that will suit varied professions, age groups, and needs. Whether buying for yourself or a loved one, with the above quality checks you’ll pat yourself on the back for making the right (read: refurbished) choice.